6 steps to Advertising Success

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An excellent advertisement is the one which does not only attract the public to increase the sales of brand rather it leaves behind a remarkable memory in the advertising world also.
  • Categorize your audience or people to whom you are selling your advertisement. You cannot hit all the clients by advertising through a single piece of work. Take out time and conduct a market research to explore what people want or a new developed need. Don’t assume anything, be true and sell what you can don’t deceive the customers. Remember a very open, clear and right message should be conveyed for advertising Success.

  • The brand and advertise should complement each other. Use the same fonts, patterns and designs as carried by your brand. The logo on your product and the same logo on your ad will be the mark on identification. Do not replace the ads more often as people take time to remember, and once they memorize it only then they will contact your product. Show uniqueness and creativity. Do not follow the crowd and make your ad stand out among the competitors. At times the idea or theme behind the promotional campaign is the key to Advertising Success.

  • Make headline reading out benefits. Consumers are more interested to know the benefits they will get if they use your brand and this will make them read your advertisement. The headline should grab the attention of masses. The key to Advertising Success is people should read or listen to your ad, because initially you cannot sell your products unless and until people know about it. Remember the headline is for the customer and not for you or the company. Avoid incorporating manufacturers or companies name in the headline, putting up a question in your headline creates the readers interest and they might go through the entire ad in search for the answer.

  • Follow AIDA principle: A for Attention of the customer through headline, I for Interest which the ad should create in telling people how can you cater their needs, D for Desire or Demand to tell customers your product can fulfill all their demands and A for action of buying the product.

  • Give the price if it is necessary to show. Many customers if find the product they demand look for price. If your brand is heavy on price then give reason for it like, it is made with the best materials, the size is larger as compared to other brands and other outstanding features. If the advertisement if for the clearance sale or for the sale of discounted items then highlight the percentage of reduction in prices.

  • Readability of ad is always possible on the right hand side of the page. Whenever reading a newspaper or any publication the eyes involuntarily and repeatedly cover the right side of the page, so always get your ads printed on right side.

Ads are like people… You can see most people a hundred times and not remember them, but meet someone you like once, and you will never forget them (Sir Frank Lowe)

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