Investment News article by Jacob Frydman

11:29 AM
I was just browsing around the Investment News website, and an interesting article caught my attention. It is written by Jacob Frydman and was posted in the “Outside voices and views for advisers” section of the website.

Here is the link to the article:

The article brings up some very interesting points about quantitative easing interest rates. In his article, Jacob Frydman believes that the Federal Reserve will start raising interests in the near future. This will lead to increased inflation and increased capitalization rates, which will have a great effect on real estate investments in general. Jacob also mentions that shifting investments from triple net leased assets to actively managed real estate might be the key to all the market movements.

Since I believe this was an interesting read, I did more research on Jacob Frydman and found out that he operates a blog where he writes about interesting topics in real estate and finance.

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