Corporate Philanthropy: Caring For Your Community

6:46 AM

Corporate philanthropy is an important part of corporate responsibility because it gives successful businesses and corporations the opportunity to give back to their communities and the customers, employees and other stakeholders who make up that community. Adopting a strong policy of engaging in corporate philanthropy is not only good for the organizations, charities and individuals you are helping, it's also good for your brand. Giving back to the community that supports your business is great public relations and it makes the people around you feel like you're invested in them.

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How Retail Merchant Services Is Changing With Modern Technology

3:19 AM
The field of modern technology changes rapidly so the people employed in the retail industry cannot allow themselves to be stuck in the prehistoric age with regards to card transaction methods.  

Smart Phone Transactions 

In the United Kingdom the card association said that in early 2014 smartphone holders will have the ability to submit as well as accept cash by means of SMS by using just their phone number. It would take the United Kingdom to the next level of technology that has already been used in other countries around the world. Need for this to be launched in the United Kingdom happened because it has taken a lengthier duration to develop and examine the latest database which controls the program.

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